Compelling reasons to move to Articulate Storyline 2

Mar 16, 2015


My team is currently working to put together a proposal to move from Captivate 6 (yes, 6) to Articulate Storyline 2.  I know we need to substantiate the move from a financial perspective, which we will do.  I was wondering if anyone might have anything compelling to share from a qualitative perspective.  I'm looking for stellar articles, comparison pieces or, even better, examples from your accepted proposals would be phenomenal!  If you were a previous Captivate user and have made the move, I'd love to hear what you appreciate about Storyline that Captivate wasn't doing for you.  :-)

Thank you for taking time to read!

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Jerson  Campos

There are a few things I miss about Captivate 6 such as the library and easily being able to update color templates for buttons and other stuff, but I find that I am way more productive in Storyline. I can usually produce interactive elements about 2-3x faster in SL than I could in Captivate. I suggest downloading the free trial and taking a few days to learn it. Then try to recreate/redesign 3-5 slides from an existing course you have and see how you like it.

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