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Mar 21, 2018

I am using the complete course when user clicks button trigger.  But when we load it to the LMS nothing happens.  I click the complete course button and it just stays on that last page.  Doesn't even look like the button is being clicked.  Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it?


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Kristen Nichols

It wont do anything on the course, it will however mark it as complete if you published the course to track that way.
Sounds like you want the exit course trigger, which will close the course. However this may not work in all LMSs

I did publish it to track that way, I will try the exit course trigger thanks

Crystal Horn

Hi Jean, the exit trigger will close the course whether the completion requirement is met or not.  Some folks might put an exit course trigger on their results slide, for example, to close the course rather than closing the browser window.

In your course, it sounds like you have a complete course trigger that a user can activate once they've reached a certain slide or condition.  When you published your course for LMS, did your tracking options show the course completion trigger?

Jo Lamontagne

I'm having similar problems, but having read through this discussion forum, am I right in understanding:


  • Add a Complete Course trigger and set 'track using complete course trigger' if you only want to engage the LMS in to setting the completion status
  • Add an Exit Course trigger to end the course, returning the user to the LMS.  This won't actually update the completion status on the LMS  (if tracking with the complete course trigger, have the Complete Course appear first in the trigger order (before Exit Course trigger)
  • Set tracking 'Result slide to report completion: *' will engage the LMS in to the setting the completed score if the user reaches the Success layer on Results Slide ....but an Exit Course trigger needs to be added here in order to return the user to the LMS

So my question is, if I'm using the Result Slide tracking and adding an Exit Course trigger, is there a reason why my course isn't engaging the LMS to update completion status?  I'm using 'LMS Reporting - report status to LMS as:  Passed/Incomplete'; there shouldn't be any reason why this doesn't work, should there?



jo xxx

Mike DiFonzo


I'm having the same problem with the LMS not showing complete status. I have the Complete course and Exit triggers on the last slide and Publish > Tracking > Track using complete cours trigger. 

Does the Complete course trigger need to be on the Results slide? From my understanding you can have multiple complete course triggers throughout the course.

I have multiple quiz result slides and then a final results slide (that tie into the quizzes). After the Final Results slide, I have a concluding slide where the Complete course trigger is.

Hope that all made sense.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

You can add in a bunch of "Complete Course" triggers, but you can only choose to track by the overall setting of "course complete trigger".  For your trigger, what is the When piece? When the learner lands on that slide and the timeline starts or must they click on something? 

If I'm misunderstanding your setup, it would help to take a look at your .story file. Can you share that with us here in the public discussion?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil,

You're right - you can't choose, that was a poor wording choice on my part. But, a Storyline course can have multiple completion triggers, it's how that's reported which will depend on the LMS. 

For example, let’s say you have a branching scenario where learners must make a series of decisions. You might have a trigger at the end of each incorrect path that sends a failed status to the LMS and another trigger at the end of the correct path that sends a passed status.

If your LMS accepts more than one status update per course, each completion trigger that the learner encounters will update the LMS with the learner’s latest status.

However, if your LMS only allows one status update per course, the first completion trigger that the learner encounters will be recorded in your LMS, and the other completion triggers will be ignored.

It's best to ask your LMS admin for advice on how to set this up. 


Allan Aikman

I have used the complete course trigger and it works fine, however, the SMEs would like to be able to deselect the checkbox that I am using. I used change of state to execute the trigger, which cannot be deselected. I have tried a true/false variable, which completes if you have selected the trigger, then deselect. What way of initiating the trigger would you recommend?

Wendy Farmer
Allan Aikman

I have tried a true/false variable, which completes if you have selected the trigger, then deselect. What way of initiating the trigger would you recommend?

Are you saying the T/F variable doesn't work in the trigger or are you asking what the trigger conditions should be?

Here is how I would set up the trigger - make sure this trigger is after the trigger that adjusts the variable to true.

Crystal Horn

I'm seeing a few folks in this discussion talking about the course complete trigger not reporting back to the LMS properly.  We have documented an issue where the course complete trigger doesn't work with complete/incomplete reporting in the LMS, currently.  I wanted to share this information in case it matches what you're seeing.

I'm going to add this discussion to our report so we can keep you updated here!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rieta,

It sounds like you're description matches the issue Crystal mentioned where using Complete/Incomplete as the reporting method isn't accurately sending information to the LMS. We'll keep you posted on that issue here! 


If it's only a small percentage of users, do you know if they're doing something similar when viewing the course? Examples are, closing before the course completion slide, or using a browser close vs. a built-in Exit button? Safari is a supported browser for Storyline content and I don't see any known issues with how Safari tracks/reports completion. 

Rieta Porath

Do you expect to get this fix anytime soon?


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