Complete/Incomplete in Canvas LMS Gradebook - showing cross X

Jul 29, 2020

Hi everyone, 

We are using drag and drops as practice activities with Canvas.

On Storyline 360

  • On the SCORM file we upload to the Canvas LMS we have no results slide.
  • It's recording number of slides viewed using passed/failed.

On the Canvas LMS: 

  • We set it to complete/incomplete - not points so we can see which students actually do the activity.
  • But some students get a X instead of a tick in the grade book. When I test it leaving before submitting it should still get them a ticket just for viewing the slides - seems its not recording a result. 

Anyone else experience this? Not sure why they would even get a cross instead of a blank incomplete.

Canvas LMS Gradebook Feedback

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Rene!

Hopefully someone who also uses Canvas can weigh in. A few thoughts:

  • This discussion has a lot of Canvas users reporting the same problem. It looks like using another browser other than Chrome may help, but feel free to use the Contact Me button on anyone's profile page to discuss further!
  • If you can share the .story file, we can review the project in SCORM Cloud as a baseline test. You can use this private upload link.
Meriem Chida

Hi Rene and Katie - I will offer my sympathy - Unfortunately I don't have an answer - I agree with Rene about SCORM 1.2 - recently our HR used it - however although it might show completion rate or passing of a test - it does not export and HR recommended we printed our result page for the supervisor (this was for a COVID certification) - they used Storyline

I am using Firefox - so not Chrome - I can tell you that I tried , Complete/Incomplete, pass/fail, with a summary page, without a summary page, with count of slides etc. ..... Then I stopped using them as graded assignments instead use them just to record/design lectures

I ended up manually grading everything which beats the purpose =)

I don't know anything about Java or any LMS related programming.... I do sense however that this might be a competitive ploy to prevent other LMS providers from appearing way cooler than Canvas .... so they make it almost impossible to align with their platform or system

Anyways, if Articulate can circumvent this firewall from Canvas that would be the happiest day ever.....  or if your IT team can figure this out do tell. My team really tried and just couldn't figure out what's going on.



Susan Jorstad

Same problem with Canvas here. Am creating a compliance course and students need to view/interact with all slides. Canvas gradebook reports an "X" as Rene indicated above, even if they visit only one slide. Canvas lets them proceed with course instead of forcing them to complete the Storyline course as a prerequisite for moving forward. SL reporting set to passed/incomplete and tracking set to number of slides viewed. Am looking in Canvas LMS community and am seeing others with problems.

Mervin van der Spuy

Canvas gradebook reports an "X" when students completed the Storyline 360 lecture.

In articulate reporting is set to complete/incomplete and tracking set to number of slides viewed.

In Canvas the assignment is set to complete/incomplete (0/1), but in the gradebook it registers an "X" which confuses students as they have just completed the lecture. 

Has this issue been fixed yet?

Valenture  Institute

Hi Mervin,  no resolution yet. 

In most cases, it seems to work, but then some students get X - which is very negative feedback to receive if you have viewed the work.

I think when they go back and review it is overriding the completion and giving them an X. I have contacted Canvas support to assist but haven't received successful feedback yet. 


Jody Gardei

I'm experiencing the same issue with the grade book reporting in Canvas. The Storyline 360 file is saved as SCORM 2004, 4th Edition with a reporting status of Completed/Incomplete. Sometimes the grade book will show an X, and other times someone will complete the assignment several times and still have a dash. At first, I thought I had to go in and change it to a check manually, but then I ran across some conversation threads about this issue and would like to see this issue resolved. It would make my life easier.

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