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Jun 24, 2014

I presently have a course with open navigation where the completion is triggered based off of a results slide.

Inevitably, some users skip all content, go straight to the quiz and get a "complete" status.

I plan to change the completion requirements to # of slides viewed.

What I would like to know is: Is it possible to provide feedback to the learner that they have completed / not completed the course based on the # of slides they have visited?

I realize I could restrict course navigation (not something I'd like to do). I could also add variables to every slide, and a custom "results" slide that recalls those variables and provides this feedback.

I'm hoping there's an easier method that I'm unaware of.

Thank you in advance

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Nicola Redfearn

In Storyline to track completion based on number of slides you:

click "Publish"

Choose "to LMS"

click on the "Reporting and Tracking" button

click on the "Tracking" tab - change to "Track using number of slides viewed"

and then "Publish"

If you choose this option, you won't also be able to report on any quizzes within the course.  .

However, if learners can complete the quiz without looking at the course material I would question whether a) the course material is needed, or b) the quiz is at the right difficulty level.

What's to stop users from just clicking through all the slides without reading them to get the completion result? 

I would be tempted to update the quiz so it can only be passed if users have understood the course content.

Tim Shelton

A better way of looking at this is splitting the course into modules 'scenes' in storyline and having a menu. On the last slide of each section use a trigger to adjust a variable to true i.e. section1, section2, section3 etc . This way you can lock the assessment but requiring all section variables be set to true before the user can take the test.

It really does depend how you wish to restrict the users if they can go for the test and pass first time forcing them to sit through all the content is a bit insulting. 

Adam Mac

All good advice, however these courses were designed to be used as reference material and/or onboarding tutorial material.

We've viewed the quizzes more as activities (passing score being 0%). I'm considering changing the complete/incomplete criteria to slides viewed as the quiz results are largely meaningless.

Regarding a customized menu, it was a design decision to opt for the default player. Much too late to adjust the templates and create a custom menu with roadblocks. Also due to the nature of wanting the courses to be leveraged as resource materials, we decided not to restrict navigation.

Seems like our problem is a result of the decisions we've made and the inevitable reality that some people will always "skip to the quiz" regardless.

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