Complete/Incomplete Tracking Results Slide Not marking as complete unless quiz is passed

I'm publishing a course to the LMS using Complete/Incomplete and tracking using a quiz results slide. The passing score is 80%.  During testing I noticed that the course isn't being marked as complete or incomplete unless the quiz is passed.  Is this correct? Is the only workaround changing the passing score to 0%? 

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Sam Hill

Hi Velvet, if the course is a SCORM 1.2 course, it will be updated from "not attempted" to "incomplete" when it is launched for the first time. It should then remain as "incomplete" until the quiz is attempted. If the quiz is passed, it will be updated to "complete". It can vary how some LMS display this information. A good test platform is SCORM Cloud which allows you to see all of the updated to lesson_status being made when the course is run.

What status would you like to see?

Velvet Siprian

Thank you Sam. I was hoping that the course would still show "complete" even if they failed the quiz but it doesn't. I changed the passing score to 0% so that it will show complete.  Before I made this change the course does show in their "course in progress" when they fail the quiz though. I'm good. Thanks for your help.