Complete narration not working


I have a problem that I can't seem to resolve after 8 hours. I have an ipad template with 12 icons and a home button that takes you to the base slide. All icons are layers with content and narration. When I follow the process for setting up adjusting variables and conditions. The first icon works and won't let the learner go back to the base slide until the audio is completed. This does not work for the other icons. I simply can't make this thing work. Any help would be appreciated.

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Mike Enders


Your file seems to be functioning well as it stands right now.  Are you saying that you want the learner to have to listen to the audio on each layer before they can return to the base layer?

If so,  I'd place the audio files on their respective layers.  I'd also (1) remove the base layer home button hotspot and place a similar hotspot/trigger combo on each layer over the home button.  Start the hotspot on each layer in a hidden state. And then add a trigger to change it to normal when media (your audio file) completes.