Completing a Course with Branching


Recently I created a course with a decision tree, however when someone chose one path, and then attempted to complete the module the reporting did not adequately complete the module because there were still slides left incomplete.

Is there a way to not count the "un-viewed" slides towards the completion status of the course?




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Brian Allen

NA, couple of ways this is commonly done.

I normally count the slides in the shortest route thru my course and base completion on viewing that number of slides.  Simple...

Another fairly simple option is to send completion on a specific slide, presumably at the end of your course.  I generally have all of my branches come back together to a group of common slides at the end of the course, but I believe you could probably use the method described below to create an "end of course" slide at the end of each branch if you wanted to.

Submit completion on a specific slide -

And here is a good response to a question similar to yours -

Brian Allen

Nick, for what it's worth, it's actually a quite effective solution and once you've done it a couple of times the way it works makes a lot of sense, and it works well.

I don't consider this a "trick the system" type of solution.  In my opinion, it's an example of Storyline's flexibility that allows us to create content that will do just about anything we need it to do, even if it's a little outside the box.

Brian Allen

Here's one way you can simplify the "send completion on a specific slide": Design your course so that each branch flows back into a common set of ending slides, and then you only need to implement the complete on a specific slide solution once, on the last slide.

It may not work for every design situation, but I have found that I can use this for the majority...

Cognicata LLC


Thanks for your prompt response.

I just tried a similar approach using the organizations logo on the results slide page (that brought together the result slides from the different languages), having the results submit when the timeline starts and the logo fade out over a couple of seconds, and then the course end when the timeline ends.   (Using the logo as opposed to translated text as different states and layers.)  Fortunately it appears that now the course shows 100% passing score, but still reads "incomplete" in respect to course completion.

I will try the different states, but I am not sure how it will work differently than the logo.  If there is a rationale, please share it! :-)  


Bridget O'Dell

FYI, I just posed an article on how to "Grand Course Completion in LMS based on Branching Path Completion". This may be helpful for those included on this string as it is similar functionality.

Hope this helps!