completing course with a pass/fail

Hi All,

I am required to create a quick and simple acknowledgement as to if agents have access to a tool.

I need to see on our LMS a yes or no so we can know who doesnt have access and fix for them. I have set up a trigger to complete the course with either a completed/passed or incomplete/failed and also an exit course trigger on the same button (not sure if its possible to have 2 triggers on the same button) but once this is uploaded and finished it's still showing on our LMS as in progress.

Does anyone have any tips on how to show a completed status and either pass or fail once published to LMS?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rachael.  Yes, you can have two triggers attached to a single object in Storyline.  You'll want to be sure that the trigger to mark the course complete comes before the trigger to exit the course.  Likewise, in the publishing window, make sure to set your tracking by the completion trigger.

Does clicking the button mean "yes, I have access to this tool?"  Do you have another button that says "no, I don't have access" with a negative completion trigger attached?

Rachael Taylor

thanks for your help Crystal.  I have 2 buttons in the course. One yes with a completed/passed trigger and one no with a incomplete/failed trigger. Both are set before the course end trigger and on the corresponding layer.

I have set to publish with the LMS reporting as passed incomplete but really need to be able to see both passed or failed on our reporting tool. I have published using scorm 1.2 but after reading other articles i can see this is the older API. Would scorm 2004 or tin can work better?

Also after completing the course myself to test our LMS is showing this as in progress still, which it isnt as is completed. Any ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rachel,

I'm having a difficult time following your course set up, as there is only a "Completion trigger" not an option to send the status of Incomplete/Failed. Could you share more detail on what triggers are assigned to your "No" button? 

SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API may work better depending on your LMS - do you know what options they support? If you're not sure and want to confirm that everything you set up is correct in Storyline, another option is to test it in a site like SCORM Cloud. 

When you completed the course yourself, I assume you clicked on the Yes button? That should send the completion status to your LMS and change what you're seeing. If it's not, testing in SCORM Cloud is a good way to narrow down the issue and if you need help with that I'd be happy to test it too! You can upload the file here using the Add Attachment button.