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Jan 24, 2013

I am building a series of Modules in Storyline and hosting them on Articulate Online.  I want to base completion on viewing slides, but I would also like to be able to record the scores of several quizzes.  How exactly is this supposed to work?  If I set completion based on number of slides viewed, the LMS does not track the score of the interactions, although it does mark completion if the correct number of slides are viewed.  If I set completion based on the results slide for the combined quiz scores, it records the score and the results of all the interactions, but Articulate Online reports Incomplete (with the score).  Do I need to set it as Passed/Incomplete?  Why does it not work if I set it as Complete/Incomplete based on the passing score in the results slide?

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Alex Y

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Alex,

Storyline allows you to track by slides viewed or a results slide, and you may also want to review this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues.  You may also want to look at the navigation set up within your course, as you could use two results slides - one to force the user to retake the quiz if they have not reached 80%, and then when they do reach 80% a second results slide that would submit the results to the LMS. You'll just want to be sure you track the completion by that particular results slide. 

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response!  I've reviewed that information before actually and it didn't help unfortunately.  The thing is, I don't want to force the user to retake a quiz, if they fail, I want the system to record that failed attempt in the system.  And then they can restart the course/quiz and then their score for that next attempt will be recorded as well.  It's hard to know where the learning gaps are if we allow multiple attempts at quizzes because; with the way our LMS reports, we won't have any idea how many times they tried to go through the quiz before passing.

Just purely from a competitive standpoint, may I suggest that this be a feature added to a future release?  Storyline does so many great things, and a lot of them better (in my opinion) than Captivate, however, something small and simple like this where you can't have a setting to track completions based on slides views OR a results slide seems like an odd feature not to have.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

We're always happy to have your feature requests, but I'm unsure about your statement that "you can't have a setting to track completions based on slides views OR a results slide seems like an odd feature not to have." as both of those options are available in terms of how you track completion and report it to your LMS. 

As for tracking multiple attempts and keeping each score, pass/fail, etc. that is also something you'd want to reach out to your LMS about. 

Katie Hope


I am trying to find a solution for a similar problem using Studio '13.

i have a (long!) course which I am publishing to ScormCloud.

the course contains several quizzes, however I would like ideally to be able to track their progress by seeing which slides and interactions have been completed and also when quizzes have been completed (in an ideal world I would like to see which answers have been submitted but I think that is hoping to much as well as course progression!).

Any suggestions for getting the kind of reporting I am looking for?



Katy Atkinson

I know this is an old thread, but it's the only thing I can find that might be able to help address my question. Is there a way to turn off LMS tracking in a course? Wondering if it's possible to have a course automatically show as complete based on successfully passing a separate assessment. We have a request for a user not to even have to click the course for it to show as complete, and I don't know how to do this using the current Storyline 2 publish settings. Is this something we'd have to discuss with the LMS vendor?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katy!

Meaning that a user would never even open the course? If so, yes - I imagine that would be a question for your LMS as it has nothing to do with the course at that point.

If the user will be at least opening the course, you could set the tracking based on slides viewed and perhaps choose 1/x slides. 

Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz and Jim,

I know a few folks have recently requested tracking based on which quiz a user completed (if there was more than one in the course, for example, a branched interaction), but it sounds like you want to track multiple items in a course and report them both to an LMS?

In that instance, I'd be curious to know more about the LMS you're using and how they'll use those two data points to register completion and success status of a user.

Happy to share that additional insight with the rest of the team, as they're always looking to know more about how certain features would help authors and be implemented. 

Katie Riggio

Thanks again for adding your voices, Liz and Jim!

We'll share this latest insight with the team and will definitely let you know if there's any forward movement on this tracking feature. You're in the right place to stay up-to-date on any new information we share!

While tracking both measurements or multiple quiz scores for the same Storyline course isn't supported at this time, you may be able to track more than one SCO (shareable content object) in a single course using any of these methods. Please keep in mind we don't officially support these methods.

Hope that helps! 

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