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Jul 17, 2012

I want my course to be completed, when the student has viewed all content slides. This can be done by the "Track by number of slides viewed", but I want to exclude lightbox menues and other non-content slides from the total number of slides. Can that be done?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, you can choose how many (i.e., the number of) slides a person has to view to earn completion for LMS publishing to AICC or SCORM.  There's a drop-down that you use to set this when publishing. 

Just subtract the number of lighthouse and non-content slides from the total number of slides in your course and then choose that number in the drop-down.

Is this what you need?

Jørgen Nielsen

Thank you Gerry!

I'm afraid it's not exactly what I want. If I have 10 content slides and 1 LightBox menu slide, the system will ask for how many out of 11 slides. If I say 10 out of 11, the student might visit 9 content slides and the Lightbox menu and then get completed. I want to force the student to visit ALL content slides, so I need to exclude the non-content slides from the total number of slides. If I could mark some slides to be excluded from the completion count, or if I could say that only slides on a certain master should be included, that would do the trick. 

Phil Mayor

You cannot exclude slides from the completion record unfortunately but that would be a great feature.

The link Gerry posted works great for me, but it may be part of the beta forum.  that would be the solution I would use, basically it uses a quiz question plus a results slide to mark the quiz as complete, and the question can only be accessed once all the slides have been viewed.

You may also want to look at giving the user instructions that if they dont view all the content the course will not be marked as complete and put the onus on them.

Chris Willis

I kinda have an issue like this.  I can not seem to have my LMS track the completion by number of slides.  It will say the course is complete by status, but the grade is incomplete and 0.  I have been able to make it work before with the track by slides method, however lately its not working anymore, and i can't figure out why.

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