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Is there a setting in Storyline that will allow a learner to revisit any screen in any order when reviewing the module a second time after completing it and getting a completion in the LMS? Currently, if the learner selects “restart” then the modules lock down again and the screens have to be viewed sequentially. If the learner selects “resume” then they can freely navigate to any screen already viewed. My client would like the learner to be able to freely navigate even if they choose "restart" as long as it's showing complete in the LMS. Thanks in advance!

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HI Leslie, 

I'm using 360 and I have the resume behavior set to "Prompt to resume". I know I can use "always resume", but the client would like the program to continue to show "completed" in the LMS, allow the learner to choose "restart", but then allow completely free navigation since the program has already been viewed entirely and completed once.