Completion issue in HTML5 version of the Storyline2 course

We are using both Flash & HTML 5 outputs for the courses which were are creating but are stuck at completion in the HTML5 version. We are using Moodle as LMS and content is on S3. When I looked closely into the data sent back to the LMS in the REST call there was difference in the object id attribute.

Assuming we have used content.moodle.storyline2.course1 as the identifier before exporting the output, in flash version the object id is sent to LMS is 


And in HTML5 version it is sent as


The course completion works fine in all the browsers with flash version but that is not the case with HTML5 version.


Any help will be highly appreciated.




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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Gurpreet.

If you're experiencing issues with content in a learning management system (LMS), see this article, which outlines common LMS viewing and tracking issues.  To be more specific, I would recommend that you test your content at SCORM Cloud.  SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine, and although “SCORM” is in its name, you can also use it to test Tin Can API content.

If your content works properly at SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, open a support case with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. However, if it also fails to track or resume at SCORM Cloud, submit a case to Articulate.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Gurpreet Singh

Thanks a lot Justin. 

I have verified the course in scorm cloud and the completion works fine. The logic our LMS is employing for completion was at fault which we will fix, but the issue of different parameters being sent from the HTML5 version of the course still exists.

I did put some logging into at the server level to record all the REST call which are coming to server bypassing the LRS altogether and there was difference between the value of object id for HTML5 and Flash version of the course.

Flash version is sending the object id as what we have specified in the activity id for type=course in the xml but the HTML5 version if always sending it as tincan.xml

For activities of type=module the HTML5 version is sending tincan.xml/{unique_string}

I will raise a case with Articulate team and I hope my findings are valid.


Thanks again. 


Justin Grenier

I'm glad to hear that you got completion working within your LMS, Gurpreet.

I also appreciate you sending us the communication logs between your course and your LMS.  When you do send us those logs, can you please let us know the specific problem that is being caused by these differing object id values?  Thanks again!

Gurpreet Singh

Thanks Justin

The case number is #00458395

As I have mentioned before we are using Moodle LMS. Tincan plugin in moodle which is responsible for handling all the REST call is using the object id of the course for marking the course as complete.

It checks if the object id we have got from the REST call has completion object associated with it and that object id is same as the activity id of type=module which is defined in tincan.xml file, then the completion works. In HTML5 version we always get object id as tincan.xml which will never we same as the activity id type=course which doesn't allow the course to be marked as completed. There is a flaw in this logic which I will fix but my main concern is the inconsistency in the parameters received from the flash & HTML5 version of the courses. I hope it makes sense.