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Cristina Devrin

I would suggest preventing the user from moving on to the next slide until they have visited all of the layers. To do this, you can add a condition to your next button based on shapes being visited (usually the shape/button that you use to trigger layers) or based on variable changes.

The trigger for your next button would look something like this-

Does that work for your set-up? Or do you have the learner navigate away from the slide and back again?

Lyn Davis

That would work, thanks!

Another option we figured out was to create a free form pick-one question based on an object that is off the screen on last slide of the course. The correct answer is set to selected based on variables that have been set on a set of slides and layers, then submitted by use of an action. The associated results slide (stashed in a separate scene not accessed by the learner) is  also submitted by use of an action.

I know it sounds convoluted but seems to work pretty elegantly once you have all your variables associated appropriately. Of course if you have a very long module it could be a bit of a pain to create all the variables.

I appreciate your suggestion though - would keep the learner from having to figure out which scenario to revisit in the event they didn't make it through a single set of choices completely.