Completion status

I have created a course that is mandatory for our learners to complete so we need to track our learners completion status.  

It has several branching options so I am unable to use the number of slides viewed option to track completion as some will see less slides than others and I don't want a completion status being recorded when they haven't see the slides near the end.  

I have created a quiz activity (a mythbuster quiz) but as it doesn't matter if they pass the quiz or not, I have set the pass mark on the results slide as zero.  I also haven't linked the results slide in - it is sitting as a scene on it's own and the learner will never see it.

My problem is that the LMS status is showing as in progress despite getting to the end of the course and recording a score of 16.66% which should mean I have passed.  I have published it with all the same settings I use for all my courses with a quiz tracking element and don't usually have issues with this.

Is the issue because of the 0% pass mark or could it be the fact the results slide isn't part of the course that the learner sees?  Or another reason?

Sorry for the essay! Hope this all makes sense!

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Susi B


I don´t know if it is the 0% causing this, but if you have selected the result slide instead of slides viewed when publishing it should work.

You could also use a pretty simple trick to pass this course. Just build anywhere a button/image/whatever they have to click and use this as a quiz slide. Like "Start the course" or something like that. If you have no menu where they can jump around they can´t skip this one (remove forward button if existing).

Maybe this helps. :)