Completion status - ideas on tracking

May 18, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am rolling out my first Storyline module and wondering about the completion status. I plan to put a Quizmaker quiz at the end of the module (I don't need to track scores but do require some sort of confirmation that they have retained some information) and was wondering if I set the completion status to complete/incomplete and set it in tracking so a person doing the course has to view all slides. Will it mark them as having completed the module if they fail the quiz?

After all they will have viewed all slides.

Similarly if I set a quiz that only requires the learner to answer 3 random question out of a set of say 5, will it mark them as incomplete because they haven't (and actually can't) view all the slides?

If there is some information/tutorial on this please let me know, I did search but didn't find anything.


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