Completion status, Moodle and SL2

We are experieincing a problem with the completion of assessments.  

If the user closes the assessment before completion, their status in the LMS (moodle) is shown as Failed.  If they go back and complete the assessment (and achieve 100%) the LMS status does not update.

Assessment is set to Passed/Incomplete and multiple attempts are allowed.

This is only happening with SL2 files.  We tested with a file made in SL1 and had no issue - after exiting, showed as InProgress, and on completion displayed user as having passed.  

The same file, converted to SL2 demonstrated the problem behaviour (failed and not updating).  

Has anyone experienced this before?  Any ideas as to why the difference between SL1 and SL2?




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Dan Marsden

Moodle 2.4.6 is quite old and is no longer supported for security or bug fixes. It also contains some serious security issues that have been fixed in newer stable releases (2.6 and higher) You should focus on upgrading your site to a newer supported stable release asap.

Your explanation above does sound like it could be an old bug with Moodle that has been fixed in newer versions(but not the old 2.4 branch).

Dan Marsden

No idea - all I know is that Moodle 2.4.6 is buggy and not supported any-more, you should prioritise an upgrade just because of the security issues it contains. Hopefully by doing this you will also fix the SCORM issues you're seeing - especially as it does sound similar to some bugs that we've already fixed.