Completion/Tracking Issues with xAPI published files on LearnUpon LMS

I have a Storyline 360 course published to xAPI that's being hosted on the LearnUpon LMS.  We're running into intermittent tracking/completion issues with 2-5% of our users.  According to the LMS support team, every user we've looked at this was caused by the user opening the course in multiple browsers or tabs and an inactive token was being communicated back to the LMS.  I'm wondering if others have faced this or similar issues and how you've approached solving it.  Our training is legally mandated, so any user not being tracked properly is a huge problem for us.

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Brian Dennis

I would ask the LMS support folks if their system supports opening courseware in specific named tabs. If so, the second opening would replace the previous instance. Session tokens might continue to be confused - that's on the LMS developers.

Multiple browsers is a different game; the LMS issued a session token per instance, thinking only one unique viewer at a time. The viewer with the same credentials signed in a second time, for some unusual reason.

You might need to consider a more customized solution to tracking and certifying completion that doesn't rely on session tokens, but user credentials