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Phil Mayor

A complete trigger goes where you want the course to be viewed complete, the complete trigger is not attached to the number of slides but more the conditions required for the trigger to fire.

If you track by slides the minimum is set by you, if they do not click in order it is reliant on the number set by you, just visiting a slide adds one the the number of slides needed to meet completion.

Brian Allen

Hello Robyn! Are you publishing for LMS? Outside of using a LMS/LRS your tracking options are limited.

The minimum number of slides you can set for a user to review is 0 (zero)... meaning that someone would be marked complete in your LMS even if they only viewed the first slide of the course.

If you are using a non-linear course menu and a user is able to click out of order, it will definitely impact the number of slides viewed. If your requirement is 100% of slides viewed then you should make your course navigation linear, rather than letting a user jump around.

Even if your % of slides viewed is less than 100%, you will want to make sure that a non-linear course is designed so that users can complete the required number of slides.

Here's a quick tutorial on setting completion requirements when publishing for LMS - https://community.articulate.com/series/articulate-storyline-360/articles/articulate-storyline-360-user-guide-how-to-publish-a-course-for-lms#step6