Complex Courses

Is there a limit to how large a story file can be?  We have a course that requires that the learner take twelve lessons within it.  Each lesson has several scenes.  It is currently set up with a map and as the learner clicks on each train station, they go to a lesson.  When they have visited all the stations (done all of the lessons), they get a prize.  I am worried that I will have over 100 scenes in the story and that it will cause a problem.  Can you access other story files from within a story file?  Are there any suggestions?

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Jackson Hamner

In my organization we usually break down these kinds of courses into smaller courses.

  • Introduction to COURSE

-need to complete intro to course in order to take


-need to complete intro to course in order to take


-need to complete course: a topic in order to take

-need to complete course: another topic in order to take


If a single course seems to drag on and on the learner could become disinterested or discouraged that they aren't getting anywhere. If you put in multiple courses for a  topic it gives a sense of accomplishment as they achieve the various milestones.

I don't think you can access other story files within a story file, but I could be wrong.

Just my 2 cents. I'm interested to hear what others have to say as well!


Emily Ruby

Hello Veronica!

I am sure you will get other suggestions here as well. File size should not be an issue as long as your hosting site can handle it. I have seen other members here post that they have created huge files without issues.

You could hyperlink to another Storyline published output, if you are using a web server, however if you are using a LMS, you may want to reach out to them to see if there would be a way to jump to other files directly.