Complex result slide


I want to make a complex result slide:

I have 30 questions - each 5 or 4 questions represnt different topic / from the same "group" of content.

in the end of the exam I want to show the user  -

1. his total score

2. for each "group" of questions - the spesific score so he can go back and learn this topic...

Thank you for your help...

I tried variables and tried to make few result slides with no success.


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Mike Enders


You should be able to achieve this using a combination of a results slide and variables.

Here's what you do...

Create a number variable for each of the four (or 5) topics. (I called my topic01, topic02, topic03, etc.).

On each Topic #1 question slide, add a trigger that adds a value of 1 to the topic 01 variable when the user hits the submit key, if the correct answer is selected.  Do this on each slide that has a question for topic #1.  

Proceed to do the same for each of the other variables and questions.

Then, on your results slide, you can reference each of these variables to show the results for each topic.

I've attached a simple mock up for you to review.

Hope this helps!


Maya Gutman

Thanks Mike...

I have allready tried doesnt work...

I think the problem is in the submit button - it participated in2 triggers: 1. to add 1 to the variable 2. to submit interaction and jump to the next slide...

I think he goes immidiatly to the next slide before adding 1 to the variable.. I tried to change the order but it doent work as well...

is It working in your example course???

Thanks alot!


Maya Gutman

Hi again.

on the same issue... I have different problem:

1. if the user fail the exam he gets a "fail layer" which shows hin the total result and the question count = the updated variables (you answered 1 out of 4 questions.. and so on).

he also can click on "retry quiz button" to make the exam again...

here's the problem - when he retry the quiz and answers perfectly, he gets the success layer but the storyline remember the count from the first time he did the exam...

so he gets this- "you answered 22 out of 16 ... and also the total result is 90 and not 100  :(

Is there a way so it wont remember? I publish to LMS - HTML5


Mike Enders


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  (Okay, maybe not, but here's the answer).

You'll want to add a trigger to your Retry Quiz button that resets your tracking variable(s) back to zero.  You'll do this for each of your variables that are tracking a topic.

Just make sure to have the variables trigger before the jump to the beginning of the quiz.


Henning Guenter

Hi Maya and Mike,

I have recently discovered this really helpful thread on creating complex result slides/ complex scoring. Thank you for the information already provided!

My company would like to do something very similar to what Maya has asked about. It would be a set of 100 questions. Scoring would be a) based on the total score (e.g. 80 questions were answered right out of a 100), b) based on certain question categories (e.g. how many questions answered right that are related to age) and c) based on badges (e.g. how many questions answered right out of the first badge of ten questions, second badge of ten questions, etc.). 

I am assuming this is mostly covered by the idea that Mike suggested, am I right? It doesn't matter how many categories of questions we have, since the mechanism seems to be the same for all matters.

I have then a second question related to this:

Can you think of any way to save these data to a database outside of Storyline? I was thinking of our LMS, moodle, but it doesn't seem to be able to track these rather complex results. Is there a way to do this through Googledocs/ other databases?

Your help would be very much appreciated!