Complex Scoring


I almost hate posting this one because it isn't about a single issue.  It combines several elements of Storyline in an advanced fashion I have not used before.  Here are my details...


My task is a complex scoring & tracking of responses and video-based classroom observations.  

  • The administrator will view video on one side while answering questions on the other side of a slide.  Videos will be controlled to pause at points to prevent administrators from going too far past the critical observation points.
  • Questions may have multiple correct or partly correct answers, though only one can be selected.  
  • I have assigned a value of 2 for correct answers and 1 for partly correct.  
  • There are never more than 2 partly correct and they are adjacent to the correct answer (above/below).  
  • My final score must be the total points, not a percentage.  
  • The pass/fail requirements are at least 50% of the 2 point responses selected and the rest 1 point responses.  
  • Incorrect responses are not acceptable for a passing score at all. I must track the number of 2 point responses and the number of 1 point responses and report that via email to the instructor.  Identifying specific 1 point responses would be appreciated.
  • Results to LMS will simply be pass/fail.  
  • I am using Storyline 1.


My results page is showing neither points accumulated or accurate percentages.  

I do not have a way to track response values and send the tally to the instructor.

I have been unable to span a single video across question slides with editing to specify stop points for each slide.


  • Can it be done?
  • Can it be done with Storyline 1?
  • If not, then with what? 
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Patti Bryant

Hi Lee!

I think that what you need, for the most part, can be done, in SL1. This article may help with the points. If it's not working properly, I would re-add the Results Slide and go through this article to make sure everything is setup properly (ensure all applicable questions are selected, remove the percentage variable, etc.). 

For the video, could you cut the video into however many snippets you need using the Video Editor in Storyline. This article goes through the steps for that. So, each question slide would have the appropriate clip.

Does your LMS have reporting? Is that how you intend to 'send the tally to the instructor'? Or, in what way do they need this?

Keepin' the joy,

Lee Keller

Thank you, Patti. Our "LMS" is limited, thus the email of data to the
instructor team. We are using PeopleSoft's ELM. Anyone reading this will
provide a deep groan at this point if they are familiar with the

I will review the articles you sent and create more experiments. I will
let you know the results.

Thanks again.

Lee Keller

HI again... I'm attacking this one step at a time to make sure I can see where my errors are.  Right now, I'm looking at the point values.  I think I have the values assigned properly.  Are there variables I can print on the screen as the project runs to validate values such as these?  I can go through the questions and get a percentage, but the points are always zero at the end.  I also have to track the number of 1 point and 2 point responses to report back to the instructor somehow.  That's sorta the next advanced step, but I need to get the points working first.

I appreciate your feedback.  The discussion boards and support networks of Articulate are legendary.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lee!

The question types that you have chosen will only allow for one correct answer, so the partial scoring does not work in this example. 

For the sake of understanding how to utilize a variable and increment that variable to reflect the points you would like the user to have, I think the attached example will assist.

I added the Points Variable, Added the trigger on the Correct Feedback layers, and updated the Results Slide to look to the questions as it was set to look at other results slides, but there were none. 

This could have been simply because you pulled a sample for me to take a look at of course, but I wanted this to work to demonstrate the ability.

Lee Keller

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for getting back to me.  I actually pulled that question type from the example that Patti gave me.  Normally, I would have used multiple choice, but I like the word questions.  Would partial work in a multiple choice with single answer?  I ran yours and it gave the wrong value, too.  I answered the first one correctly and the second two as partials.  I got a score of 2 instead of 4.  I understand the variable concept.  I can do it that way, but can Storyline set a system variable to the local variable or are they read only?

This project is not due for a few months, but I want to make it as advanced as possible.  I still have to build simulation skins and I'm thinking about running the video in an HTML table with the SCORM package in another cell.  The "observation" video is supposed to be like a real observation (can't pause reality... yet) and they will go through the questions like the instrument they use on iPads (simulated) to score the observation.

Have a great weekend.

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize Lee. I should have specified that I only built it out for the correct answers, not for the partial scoring. 

If you wish to score by choice the only valid question types are Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Pick One, and Which Word.

For your case multiple choice will work and will probably not require use of variables as we are fumbling with here. I misunderstood your initial request I think :)

Lee Keller

Hi Leslie,

I did the testing here and it worked fine.  I have the obstacle of not being able to spread video across slide to simulate a classroom observation, but this step is great.  I will continue working with this, experimenting with tracking variables ( I have to report how many 1 point answers and how many 2 point), and looking for a way to email those variables with user name to the instructor(s).  Lots to do, but this helped a lot.