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Nov 05, 2015

We have approximately 40 exams that are used for certification testing.  Each test consist of sub-sections and each sub-section has a pool of questions.  So there might be 5 pools of 10 questions each.

When a test is taken the system we use now will build a test, for example, that takes 2 random questions from section 1, 5 random questions from section 2 etc until a complete test is built.

Is there any way to duplicate this functionality in Storyline?  We know Captivate can do this but would prefer to stay with Storyline if possible.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Russ! You would be able to have multiple question banks within the same course and draw questions randomly. Each section, as you mentioned above, could be a question bank and those could be on different slides. If you're expectation is to have the 'sections' mixed together, then you would not be able to do so unless you had all the questions in one bank. This, of course, does not allow you to control the 'random' unless you locked questions together as shared in the tutorials that Mike shared above.

I hope that makes a bit more sense.

Russ Fleenor

So let me see if I understand.

I could create a course that is just a collection of quizzes each drawing x number of random questions for a single question bank. But I would need a separate quiz for each bank.

Or can I create a single course that consists of a quiz that draws x number of random questions from 2 or more question banks? I don’t need the questions to be random overall – just a random selection from each bank?

Does that make sense?


Russ Fleenor

I think I understand – one slide per question bank.

The issue for us would then be getting a total pass/fail grade for the entire course (summation of all slides in a final result slide I guess).

Its sounding like Captivate might be the way to go for us. It handles categories within question banks.


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