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I am at a crossroads with developing an "online" checklist for our company. My company is very new to elearning and the current process we use involves the trainer using a training manual with the new hire and then each of them will sign off on a paper checklist that they have completed that section of the training. Ideally the trainer would mail in that checklist to the corporate office to retain in the new hire's employee file. 

I have been tasked with creating an online checklist to track compliance. I have voiced my option that the checklist isn't actually telling us anything other than someone checked a box. It doesn't show us that the new hire actually went over the material with the trainer. 

Can anyone offer some suggestions on how I can 1. Create an online checklist to tracking compliance and 2. any solid reasons to present to the higher ups why this isn't a good idea. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

You could use the quizzing feature within Storyline to have the user check off that they've met all the checklist items. I'd suggest using the multiple response option, and you can have up to 10 items on one slide, you'll also want to either set them all as correct and you could enable it so that the user couldn't proceed until they select all the correct answers or you could use the survey multiple response option which would not be graded. You could also set up your own "questions" using the button sets and then you wouldn't be restricted to a number per slide.  Depending on the option you choose, you'll be able to print the results from the Results slide or set up a Javascript trigger to print the screen. 

As for why this may not be a good idea, I'll defer to the community on that one. 

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Katherine: Ashley makes good points above, regarding how you might set up a check list.

My opinion on the check list idea: it could be good, if the learner has to demonstrate an understanding of the material. If they simply need to check off that they received it, well, that most likely isn't going to have much of an impact. (If you need to justify this to higher ups, they may not value training in the first place, so I wouldn't press it.)

Can you create a short assessment that suggests they understand the material? Perhaps some short scenarios (or scenario-based questions) covering the main points of information?   --Daniel

Tia K

Hi all,

I have just come across this thread as I have recently been asked to create an Online Induction Checklist.  This consists of several sections and each section has about 10-15 questions that need to be ticked/checked.  They also have to enter in the 'Date Achieved' for each question.  I tried the Multi-response quizzing feature, but this will not work as the user needs to enter in a Date as well.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

Sheena Baksh