Compulsory survey - creative ideas please!

Hi Heroes!

I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate a SurveyMonkey questionnaire into Storyline 2.0 and make it compulsory to complete before the learner can click the next button.

It doesn't seem that I can make this work (integrating SM into SL) as they really don't integrate.

Do any of you have any creative ideas on how I can get feedback from the module into some program that will collate the data, (or at worst feed it into an Excel spreadsheet where I can collate the answers from all of the respondents) and integrate that with Storyline so they can't click NEXT until the form is completed?

Help! Help!

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Brian Dennis

Tracking feedback (and answers to question slides) is usually handled by a learning management system (LMS). When you publish for LMS from SL it bundles the necessary files requires to communicate with most of the popular LMS solutions

Regarding SM & SL, I don't believe there's a clean way to mandate completion before enabling Next. Frankly the easiest solution might be creating the survey natively in SL so you can control the Next button programmatically.

Victoria Sublette

Thanks, Brian. Nice shoes!

Regarding creating the survey natively, we use Litmos, and to my knowledge, the information a SCORM course passes to the LMS from SL2 is only passed/failed, passed/incomplete, etc.

How do you pass individual answers from SL2 when you select "publish" to the LMS?

Marlow Ryan

Hi Victoria,

Here are 2 ideas that might help you:


This article will show you how push Data into Google docs and pulls them back into Storyline as Variables - This is a Leaderboard, so it is pulling back in the top ten scores. You can adjust it though to pull in the variable of your choosing.


This article will show you how to Push & Pull Storyline Variables to Excel and back to Storyline as Variables. Use Microsoft Excel, Storyline, Active X to Push and Pull Data to a Local Excel file and back into Storyline.

Victoria Sublette

Hi Marlow,

That is pretty technical. The first link isn't really what I am looking for. The second one might be useful; it's just very technical. Whenever I hear Javascript, I want to run and hide!

Thank you for your help. I may be able to use scenario 2 if I can't find any easier way.