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Phil Mayor

Hi Jeff

All the tiggers on the next button are processed in order, so check the play sound is before the next slide trigger,  but it is likely jumping to the next slide before the sound gets to play.

The best solutuon is to add the sound to a layer and instead of jump to slide, choose show layer when next button is clicked, then add a trigger to your audio on the layer to jump to slide when media completes

Jeff Forrer

Ok.  Thanks, I was adding the sound just to see if the event was triggering.  Ultimately what I am trying to do, is add my AlwaysCount to a LSAlwaysTotal which is a tally from page to page.  I moved the trigger to Set LSAlwaysTotal above the next slide jump, but it still does not calculate.  Do I need to add a layer to do that computation?

Thanks again!!