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Dec 25, 2012

Everyone, I am developing Computer training for my staff using Articulate Storyline - does anyone have a great template / format they recommend that is easy to navigate and engaging?

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Peter Faulhaber

Hi Adrienne,

I don't have a template. But some suggestions. I have over 15years experience in the field  of application training. Each time I develop a different training to the need of customers. I see an application as one of the many steps in a process. So I develop process training where the application and its simulation is a part of it. 

So I described a process step:

  • What is the step
  • Who is involved
  • What is the proviuos  step
  • What is the next step.
  • How to do: Built on a scnenario throughout the elearning. The simulation 

Hopefully this will help. I have more but is all into Dutch :-(

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Adrienne and welcome to the Forum,

I'm with Peter on this one. I've created quite some computer training over the past years and the best way to do it is to break it up in process chunks. If you make it small how-to type screencasts it will be ideal for reference material as well and you've created some performance support addressing the moment of need as well.

Like Peter says, start with telling them what the step is they'll be seeing/doing. Create the proper context by sharing the why and what. then show them and/or let them practice. Ideally you could create a job aid they could download and print to keep next to their computer.

Debbie Sylvester

I see the value of this approach (I'm an old school instructional designer so chunking is key!).

That said, I want to show my customer the value of using eLearning for his requested software tutorial. As of now, it's on paper and even though it's chunked properly, it's paper (long and boring).

Does this forum have a short (~3 min) example of an eLearning tutorial on programming software (any software)? Or o some other computer training via Articulate? If my customer "sees it," I'm sure he will support my request to purchase Articulate and get developing.

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