Concatenating a list of text strings - and - displaying a custom assessment score variable on a Results page

Feb 25, 2015

A bit greedy, but three questions for the price of one! I would really appreciate your suggestions on the best approach for these situations.

I need to build an assessment (running as an off-line .exe) in which I want to:

1. Build up a list of text strings (each on its own line) in a single variable, which will be displayed on completion in a scrolling panel. This acts as a 'journal' of all the steps chosen by the user, e.g.:

Opened rear panel

Reset CB2

Replaced Fuse 21

Replaced TSW unit

Closed panel

Reset main CB

I can't see how I can do this in SL2, so would the only way be to use Javascript? I simply want to keep adding a text string, with a new line 'Return' between each one.

2. As the user takes different actions during a task, I want to maintain a running assessment score in a variable (e.g: they earn points for correct decisions or lose points for incorrect/dangerous/expensive/unnecessary actions). That's fine, but is there a way to pass this program variable to the SL2 Results variables which appear on the Results page?

3. This would be a standalone .exe program on a Windows system over which I would have control of system privileges. Is there a way to save a user's assessment score plus other variable contents, to a hard drive, e.g.: as a text file? Would Javascript able to do this too? If not, what?

Many thanks for any comments or practical suggestions you can offer. 




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Steve Flowers

Oh, and you can customize a results page based on your own calculations. Using the results operation makes built-in questions easy to track but if you're willing to add your own question weighting / scoring, you can set scoring exclusive of the built-in setup.

The other option is setting up a multiple select or multiple choice for each step triggered by an overlay. This would hide the multiple select for each step but still capture the way it was answered for a score.

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