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I have multiple paths in my course and the learner choose a path when answering a question in the first slide (the answer set a variable that I use to add conditions on my Next and Previous buttons). Depending on the path chosen, learners don't see all the pages of the course.

I use a built-in menu. Is there a way I could add a condition like: show 'this page in the menu' if 'the variable x' is equal to 'this'?

Do you understand what I would like to do? Do you know how I can do this?

Thanks in advance!


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Jeff Forrer

It sounds like at the beginning of the course, the user gets to pick a role, perhaps in a drop-down, and based on that role, they see only certain pages tailored to them.  Thus, since you have a menu, you want to only show those pages for them based on the role they picked.

If so, a couple of thoughts:

  1. I don't think you can create more than one menu in the player, so....
  2. So perhaps in your case, if you want to only allow certain pages per user, perhaps only have main titles/sections in the menu that are relevant for all users, so not all of the pages in that generic menu.
  3. When the user clicks a page in that menu, you could have that click navigate to that section or scene which there would be logic to automatically go the slide you want based on the variable set for that user.
  4. Not ideal, and may show a flash, but may work?

Just a thought?