conditional actions upon quiz submit

I am somewhat confused regarding how I set triggers within quizzes that won't allow a user to continue if they don't meet the minimum pass score?

I would like to have the quiz reset or give the person another of the 4 attempts we allow them. I have spent much time trying to understand the triggers to achieve what I would assume is a common requirement. The nature of the content requires that the user shouldn't advance to the next slide if they don't pass the quiz.

Am I missing something simple?


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Kim Schenk

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure if this will help but there is a thread I've been reading where Jeanette shows a tutorial that:

  • Allows users only to see and retake missed questions (not something you were requesting)
  • Has users retrying for only a certain number of tries

Here's the link to that thread:

Here's the link to that tutorial:

Here's the link to the source file she uses in the tutorial:  here's the source file

As for not allowing them to advance to the next slide, are you using the player buttons? If so here's a thread creating conditions for the next button:

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi  KL and Michael,

I was just throwing this together and when I was ready to post, saw that KL had provided some tutorial links. Thanks, KL!

Figured I might as well upload anyway.

On the base layer of the results slide button, I've added a condition to the Jump to the next slide button that says only if

Results.ScorePercent is greater than or equal to Results.PassPercent

I placed the retry button on the failure layer, so only Learners who fail will see it.

I've added a warning prompt on the failure layer that is hidden initially. It changes to normal IF Learners click the next button

It's really bare bones, but I think this is what you're trying to achieve.

Please shout out with any questions.