Conditional layers based on viewing a swf help


I'm new to Storyline, and so far I'm really enjoying it, but I've hit a bump in the road in developing my first tutorial with it. I'm hoping that someone can help me come up with a solution or maybe an alternative.

Here's the scenario:

I want to give the learner the options to view the demonstration first or to jump in and try the practice. If the learner chooses the demonstration, then I want to provide the option to practice. If the learner chooses to practice first, I still would really like the learner to view the demonstration because it provides more information (through narration) than they would get just from doing the practice.

The demonstration and practice are both done with swf files from Captivate.

What I'm trying to do is come up with a conditional slides for after the demo slide and after the practice slide. So far my branching looks like this:

So after the Demo, there is the possibility of two options that could display:

1) If they did the Practice first, and they just completed the demo, then they would go to the conclusion slide.

2) If they did the Demo first, and thus have not done the Practice, then two options would appear -- a) do the practice or b) go to the conclusion

And after the Practice, there is again the possibility of two options:

1) If they have completed the Demo and the Practice, they get a "Great!" and move on to the conclusion

2) If they did the Practice first, but have not completed the Demo, then they get a "Now that you've tried first-hand, let's look at it more in depth" or something... and they go to the demonstration.

Hopefully this is making sense. (And sorry this is so long already!)

So I tried setting up some variables:

PracticeWatched = False

DemoWatched = False

And then I tried to have those variables change the value to True after the swf completes, so that the variable change can trigger which layer to show (option 1 or 2). But, as you are probably aware, one of the problems I'm running up against is getting the variable to change value because I don't know how to indicate when a swf has completed.

Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be? Any other ideas for how can accomplish this? Instead of having option 1 and 2 on the same slide (but different layers), would it be better to have them as two separate slides and then somehow determine how to jump to the appropriate slide? But then, what's the best way to trigger that with the swf involved?

Thanks in advance!!

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