Conditional Quiz Reviews

I want to set up a scenario where the user will proceed through the content and then take a brief quiz. Should the user fail the quiz, they will be taken to the beginning of the content to review and then take a different brief quiz. I want this set up so that the quizzes alternate with one another.

I've broken the content and the two different sets of quiz questions into three different scenes. What's the best advice for making this work?

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Crystal Horn

Hey Matthew!  I'm going to drop some resources in here about variables and slide properties where you can control navigation.  

You might be able to set up true/false variables that are adjusted at the end of each quiz result.  If you reference those variable values at the end of your content, on the trigger that brings the user to a quiz, you can control to which quiz they navigate.  You'll just need to create triggers that adjust those variables so that one quiz variable is true and the other is false, and then reverse.

Some ideas to start with!  I'm sure our community members will have some great ideas too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

If it's a full retake, there isn't a way to ensure they get new question slides from the same bank as it's pulling randomly and each visit the the question bank slide is treated as a full new draw. The other tricky element is tracking the answers, as you'll need to report them both to the same results slide - and if they don't reach the second quiz, their results may be impacted by that. 

Matthew Gallagher

I was able to figure out the correct wording needed for the conditional variables to make the quizzes alternate depending of failure or success.

The only issue is, when I preview the course as a scene, it works perfectly. When I preview the course as the entire project, revisiting a previously failed quiz doesn't work. On the second view, the quiz slide is completely inactive and cannot be altered.

Why would viewing the course as a scene vs entire project alter this?

Matthew Gallagher

No, at this point it only worked to place everything into one large scene. Currently, the entire course exists in one scene.

Preview Scene shows me exactly how I want the course to behave.

Preview Entire Project makes the quiz slides inactive when revisited.

When I package the course for testing, the result slide is solid grey and inactive.

Crystal Horn

Hi again.  I was able to make the Preview Entire Project functional by changing some settings in the triggers panels.  

On the results slide failure layer, we needed to have a trigger to reset results for both quizzes.  Resetting the results should free up the quizzes to take them again.  Those triggers need to be above any other trigger for them to apply; if one trigger takes the learner away from the page, subsequent triggers are no longer going to work.

Trigger Panel

I put those triggers on the button object to make sure that they're fired.  I sent you the revised project in the case we set up.

I hope this is helpful!