Conditional Seekbar not working properly


I've discovered an issue with the seekbar not being unlocked when returning to a previously completed slide. Here is the pattern I'm seeing.

If I navigate to a previously completed slide and the current slide I am on has also been completed (seekbar unlocked), the destination slide will have an unlocked seekbar as it should. However, if I have not completed the slide I am on, navigating back to a slide I have already finished will result in a locked seekbar. The seekbar seems to be inheriting the status of the slide I am navigating away from and it should always be unlocked on return visit if that slide was completed. If I complete all slides in my course, I am never navigating away from a slide with a locked seekbar thus any slide I go back to has the seekbar unlocked (as it should be on return to a completed slide).

Can someone please let me know how soon this can be fixed?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Brett,

Thanks for reaching out here as well! I responded to you two days ago regarding a bug we recorded where you're unable to drag the conditional seekbar when revisiting a slide.

I'm happy to let you know there's been some movement since then, and unless we run into any issues while testing, we should see a fix in place for the next update!

I'll be sure to keep you informed, both here and in your case, as soon as it's ready to go!  

Lauren Connelly

Hi Brett!

I'm excited to report back to this discussion to let you know that we released the fix for this bug today!

We released Storyline 360 Update 40 (Build 3.40.22208.0) which included the fix for the bug where you were unable to drag the conditional seekbar when revisiting a slide.

To make sure you have this fix, you'll need to update Storyline 360 on the Articulate 360 Desktop App.

If you're interested to see what other fixes and features included in Update 40, head over here to find our release notes!