Conditional Trigger Normal versus not visited, is this a glitch?

In this interaction, I am trying to add one to my variable totalScore when the user clicks the textbox called "diversify text." I only want this to happen the first time they click it. "diversify text" has two states: normal and visited.

As you see in the screenshot, I added the condition "if the state of diversify text is normal." In the interaction, this did not work. It was still adding one each time the user clicked "diversify text" even when the state was visited.

not working

I remedied the problem by changing the condition to "if the state of diversify text is not visited" and it worked. 

is working

Can someone give me a reason why my first attempt did not work? Or is something wrong in Storyline?


Many thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

The visited state, like a lot of us, thinks it is normal. Selected is also a normal state.

Just a thought - This, and other possibilities for error, is why I usually don't add values. If at all possible, at the end, when I need to know the totalScore, I go through everything and count how many of them are visited. Prevents a lot of accidental double adds.

Emily Hinteregger

for this interaction, I want it to be limited to only be visited once. I could add true false variables to all nine options, but this would require nine more variables and 9 associated triggers. Using the is not equals to does seem like the most efficient way of addressing it in this scenario.

However, I am wondering if there is a reason behind the state of Normal to encompass all states other than hidden. Is there any benefit to this?