Hey there,

Apologises for the long ramble but here we go!

I'm working with a topic map and hoping to create a semi-interactive map with overlays defining each sub topic. 

I have a test file here:

At the moment, there are 6 key topic areas that expand into further areas, I have a transparent box over each creating a link to the overlays.

My question regards the 6 key topic buttons (Subduction, Continental drift, Mid-ocean ridges, seafloor spreading, earth's structure, and convection currents). You'll note that once clicked these expand the subtopics.

I am hoping we can add an conditional statement that basically reads:

"If layer X of subtopic is visible/show, allow for another click on the same button for a similar definition overlay to be made visible. 

I hope that makes sense? I have included the working file!




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Walt Hamilton


Look at the attached. Click on Plate tectonics and it shows the gray layer. Click on Subduction and it shows the subduction layer (I love your animations, BTW.) Click on Subduction again and it hides the subduction layer. Click on Plate tectonics again, and it hides the gray layer.

I copied the Plate tectonics button onto the gray layer. On the base layer, clicking on it shows the gray layer. On the gray layer, clicking on it shows the untitled layer, which is blank, but is set to hide other layers.

From the gray layer, I copied the Subduction button to the subduction layer, where it hides the subduction layer.