Conditions Not Applied?

Well I am new to SL2 but this seems like a pretty straightforward goal.

The attached image shows two conditional triggers. The first trigger bumps a counter if the slide has not been visited (it checks the "selected" state of a radio button). The second trigger sets the state of the radio butto to "selected" if it is not currently selected.

I'm using these to show a progress indicator. Thing is, the slide counter is bumping for slides that have already been visited. It seems like either the radio button state is not changing to "selected" or the condition for the counter is not being applied.

Since these are states for objects and not variables, I don't see how to debug by displaying the variable.

Anyone see an obvious problem with these triggers?

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Jack Anzinger

Thanks much, Stephanie. That is exactly how it is supposed to work. Has me flummoxed.

If it matters, my radio button is off the stage, out of sight and my triggers reside on a master slide. Not sure that it would. Else shoud be the same.

Prob something right in front of me. Maybe another cup of coffee and I'll be able to suss it out.

Jack Anzinger

OK, I copied the trigers from your story and put them on the master slide. The counter bumps up even when paging backwards. Something diff about the conditional test for the previously visited slide when added to a master slide.

Hmmmm.... I had the impression that triggers on a master slide would be executed for every slide that uses that master. The first trigger works but the second doesn't. Wacky.

Jack Anzinger

OK, figred it out. Long time to learn a basic lesson.

The default slide property when revisiting is "automatically decide" which resets the radio button every time the slide is visited. Changed to "resume saved state" and the code runs as advertised.

Next I will have to determine if states and variables scan persist across course restarts in conjunction with an LMS. I'm sure there's a post here somehere...