Conditions not working as expected

Hi Everyone,

This should be a simple set of triggers, but they are not working as I expect.  I want the interaction to submit when the learner clicks "submit", but only under certain conditions.  The interaction submits, when other conditions are met.-  For example it will submit when MC-195T are selected and Push Button.  This is not one of the defined parameters.  I appreciate any insight.  I have attached the .story file.


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Terry. 

Thank you for sharing your .story file! 

If you look at the triggers on your screenshot (specifically the indentation of the OR vs. the AND), you can see that you set it up to hide the layer when the user clicks submit if either:

Control R is selected AND Motion sensor is selected


Push button is selected (no other condition)


None is selected (no other condition).

You can quickly fix this by adding the Control R selected condition to the other ones, like this:

Windows 10 (1) 2021-03-08 at 12.30.05 PM

You can see how the indentation is different, showing the each OR is a full sentence. 

I am attaching your edited .story file here.

Let me know if this works!