Conditions within Trigger Wizard not showing all layers

Anyone know why when I open the conditions within the trigger wizard it doesnt show all my layers?  I want to use a variable shape from a layer but only 2 of my three layers are in the drop down menu.  I am assuming there is a reason but I don't know enough about Storyline to figure out what that reason is.

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Kristen Nichols

What i am trying to do is have the person click on the orange button on the "pick a style" layer.  The condition I am adding to that is using a variable from the "results" layer.  Depending on which button they choose in the results layer D,i,S, or C, that will determine which lightbox opens when they click the orange (tip) button.

Kevin Thorn


I'm looking at your .story file and trying to understand your logic. First though, your initial comment is that you can't see all your layers (only 2 of 3) when you open the triggers wizard. The .story file you attached only has two layers: "results" and "pick a style." Are you counting the base slide as a layer?

AnDrew Hopkins

I was having this same issue, and I think I've found a solution. I have a dropdown menu where you make a selection, and then the selection is displayed on another layer (not the base layer). When attempting to add the trigger on the menu layer, the layer I wanted to change the state of wasn't showing up.

The workaround I found was to create the trigger on the layer I wanted to affect and then copy it over to the menu layer. It works when I preview it, but I haven't tried publishing yet. Hopefully this issue will get fixed in an update, as I don't see any advantages to this limitation.

The only problem is once it's copied to the desired layer, you can't make any changes to it.

Hope this helps!