Configuring Internet Explorer to use WIndows Media Player to display videos

Hi all,

I have used Storyline to produce several e-learning videos, consisting of the usual Storyline html player shell and mp4 (H.264 coded) videos.

A customer of mine has tried to play them on Thin Clients (Dell/Wyse 3010), and he complains that the videos drop out much, play jerky, and playing causes high CPU load. He tried several browsers, none works satisfactory, Internet Explorer 11 comes, so he says, closest to a usable system, while Firefox and Chrome crash right when he starts a video.

At first I thought that this was due to his weak hardware platform not beeing able to handle video material, but then he told me that he could pick any mp4 file from my material and play it without problems through the Windows Media Player, and that the CPU load was low when he did so.

Further investigation revealed thet the Wyse 3010 hardware seems to have some hardware decoding support for specific video formats (wmv and H.264, so there is a chance that when playing via the Storyline player, the video stream somehow doesn't get proper hardware decoding support. I know, this is vague, sorry for that, but I haven't got any direct access to the customer hardware yet.

Any ideas how I can dig deeper into the system to find out why my videos play OK when accessed via the Windows Media Player, and fail when played via Storyline?

Thanks for ideas!



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