Configuring Learner's Completion

I've got a course with no quiz which should be marked completed when the last slide of the content is reached.  That would be slide 32.

The problem is there are several optional slides which can be reached as lightboxes or through other optional links.  These slides seem to increment the visited slide count.  The course reaches completion too early.

Is there a way to ensure that learner completion is set only when the last required slide is visited?

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Phil Mayor

you can answer the question using a trigger and jump to  the results slide on timeline start so the user does not see the question,   it may be better that your last slide is the results slide

I would use a T/F question and set a trigger to change radio button to selectede on timeline start

the sumbit interaction on timeline start

and finally jummp to next slide on timeline start

then the results slide is your last slide

Track by results slide pass mark == 100%