Configuring Templates

Hi there,

I am using a quiz template, and so far it has been very useful.

However the template was originally created to have only 5 questions, and has a scoring system which marks out of 5. However, my quiz will have many more questions, yet the template doesn't recognise my extra questions and still marks the quiz out of 5.

Please could someone help me sort this.

I have attached a print screen which should help you identify my issue.

Many thanks,


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Crystal Horn

Hi Joseph!  Thanks for the template.

From your screenshot, it looks like you need to adjust the text box named "txt_Title" on those slides to reflect the number of actual questions (1 out of X, 2 out of X, etc).

You also included the text box "txt_Score" in your screenshot.  As for scoring, I would be sure that on your Results slide, you are including all of the question slides.  That way, the variable being referenced there will be accurate.

To do either of those things, I had to first unlock those items on the timeline so I could edit them.

Let me know if that helps!

Joseph Nash

Hi Alyssa,

Nearly a year later, I've decided to use that template again!

But this time I can't get the text and text boxes to behave.

I have attached a picture which I think explains the situation.

Basically, I can't get the text to go into the text box, the text seems to sit just below the text box and i can't figure out why.

Many thanks,