Conflict between WarnOnCommitFail and Course Completion

Hi all,

I've implemented WarnOnCommitFail in order to open a message to the learner when the connection to the internet or server is lost.  I am also sending a LMSCommit() on the load of every screen, and am saving the status of every screen to force the LMSCommit to not only save to the connector, but all the way to the LMS.

However, when I do this, the course no longer completes on our LMS upon successful completion of the quiz and proper exiting from the course. It DOES complete if I then relaunch the course, and then exit it again.

If I put code in the last screen to force completion, the WarnOnCommitFail no longer works(!).  I've tested this many times now, and they seem to step on each other.

Any ideas?

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