Conflict Management (Interactive or game) developed in SL

Feb 22, 2019

Greetings, has anyone had success with developing interactive content or game in SL for the topic of [Conflict Management]? I'm currently developing an eLearning module from ILT content and the activities that were executed in the classroom are not transferable to eLearning, being they were developed for "in-class" sessions. Any feedback, suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Christa Novelli

I recently did a course of this sort. I used a "choose your own adventure" format as well as a story based learning piece. Both had scenarios built in Vyond.

For the choose your own adventure piece, the learner had to select responses based on how the other party to the conflict was responding and the scenario then went on to go downhill or improve based on the choice the learner made. It was a good bit of branching.

For the story based piece, the learner was in the role of watching two people negotiate poorly initially. The scenario would pause and the learner then had to type in where s/he thought the person in the scenario was going wrong then hit a button to see what we had identified as being done wrong. The scenario wrapped up with a single slide where the user reviewed poor negotiation/conflict resolution practices.

Then the scenario replayed with the idea that the character had been through this course and was ready to try again. The scenario again paused periodically for the learner to type in what was being done right this time and then the learner would click a button to compare his/her answer to what we'd identified. Again, it wrapped up with a slide that had a quick review of the good practices we'd just identified.

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