Conflicting scores in Storyline and LMS

I've investigated this issue to the n'th degree and have run out of ideas. What I have is a course built in Storyline with a question bank of 130 questions of which 80 are asked and has a passing score of 80%.

I've published to Scorm 1.2 and loaded onto the SABA LMS. Sometimes the score that appears at the end of the course is the same as the scores that appear in the LMS. However, other times the score that is generated in the course does not match one of the scores in SABA. Here's what one of my colleagues say: "..., it looks like the content sends 2 scores: one is shown when you complete the quiz and it is saved on the learning assignment level. The other score is saved on the course level and that one is visible on the course level in the completed learning page as well as in the reports."

If someone could please help me with this it would be great! Thank you!

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