Confused about editing/ saving after publishing

Another newbie question.

I created a couple of projects in Storyline, and published them (but haven't posted them elsewhere yet).  The files for ProjectA.story and ProjectB.story are now in a folder in my hard drive, as are the corresponding folders (with files) for ProjectA output and ProjectB ouput.  However, I wanted to make some changes to a project after publishing, and also change one of the titles.  When I changed the titles, I ended up with a folder for ProjectBnewtitle outputbut no file titled ProjectBnewtitle.story.  Shouldn't a new .story file have been created as well?

And, related question, if you make changes to a published Storyline project, then click the publish button again, does it simply overwrite all the previously created files?  Is there a better way to edit published Storyline projects?


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Adrian Dean

Hi Rochelle,

Your project files are the ones with the .story extension. Your output folders are the published courses.

You cannot edit the published courses. You can edit the projects.

When you edit the project but want to keep the old, previous, or last version as well, then you need to do a save as making sure to change the name of the new project. This will create a new .story file while still keeping the old .story file.

Then all that is left to do is to publish the new .story file thus creating a new output folder.

I hope the above makes sense.

Always Happy to Help,


Bruce Graham

If I'm editing a .storyfile, I always re-version the file by "Save As" xxxx_v0.x becomes xxxx_v0.x+1  (before release), then on release it becomes v1.0 and 1.1, 1.2 etc incrementing by one each time.

That way you get a sequence of .story files, and a sequence of published courses.

Yes - it uses a lot of disk space and requires management, but seems the right way to do things to me.

Hope that helps.