Confused why template download do not have the .storytemplate extension

Feb 16, 2015

When I download a template, the file has a .story extension and not the expected .storytemplate extension?

I'm finding this a little confusing!

Can someone explain this and if this is correct, how do I use a .story has a template?


Thank you.



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David Manning

I had a play and to answer my question:

.storytemplates automatically get added to a local repository/library, which is part of your computer profile. Once a template has been used, it automatically becomes available in the "New Slide" dialog, on the templates tab, for all new and existing projects.

When you use a .storytemplate a copy of the .storytemplate is added to the folder:

C:\Users\"your login name here"\Documents\My Articulate Projects\Storyline Templates

You can manage the available templates by editing this folder.



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