Confused with sliders and layers - please help!


So I'm getting myself confused. Please see the attached Storyline 360 file.

I have two sliders and a combination of 12 layers. Depending on the position of Slider1 and Slider2, I wish to show the appropriate layer. I need to be able to move the sliders left and right to show different layers.

Really getting myself confused - so hopefully one of you lovely Articulate Storyline experts can sort it for me.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nick

see if the attached update to your file helps.  I changed the variable to be 'when the learner releases' instead of when slider dragged.

I also placed the variable references on screen so you can see when they change.

I added two triggers to show a layer and two triggers to hide a layer.  I have only worked with values 1 and 1 to start with. See Peek video

I'm sure others will chime in with a different / better approach...all the best.