Congratulations! You have found them all...

Hello, I have an activity where the agent has to find 10 'star fishes'. Each star fish includes a question and answer that the agent must consume. On the 10th one (they are not in order, they are random, search activity), I want a layer to say congratulations you have found them all, so they can click 'next' to continue. This must mean I need to put in a variable. I'm not trained up on variables...can anyone explain in very simple terms what I need to put into each field to make a variable work please (a screenshot would be better)? Thank you in advance. Tony

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Walt Hamilton


Here is a sample. The objects to find are outlined in yellow, so you know where to click. I assume they will not have the outline in your final version. They do change state so the user knows which ones they have found.

Each time the user clicks on an item, a variable is set to show that that one has been found. It also checks to see how many others have been found. If they have all been found, the success layer shows.



This way takes more work than just counting the number of clicks, but has two huge advantages:

Each item must be found, but if you just count how many times a user clicks an item, they can click one item ten times and move on.

If you want to get fancy, you can offer them a hint, based on which ones are not yet found.