Consistent Corruption Issues in Storyline 360 files (possibly due to background data backup?)

Feb 06, 2020

Hey everyone,

I try to follow the typical advice to avoid file corruption (as seen here: I work from locally-saved files on my hard drive, save versions and back them up to be safe, and don't leave the files open/running for long periods/unattended.

However, I seem to consistently have one or two weird corruption issues per project. Sometimes it's individual objects (like buttons or graphics) behaving improperly, sometimes it seems file-wide (such as triggers suddenly not being visible on Master Slides). Each time I've reached out to Articulate, they've been able to help but the answer I've gotten for why the issues initially occurred is "file/object corruption."

It's never been a fully corrupted file that I couldn't open or gave me any kind of warning, but I definitely seem to be consistently having corruption issues. 

The only guess I have is that it's possible my company's use of OneDrive (which consistently backs up our hard drives in the background) could somehow be causing the issue. But I'm not accessing or working in a shared file, it's always my locally stored file. Could the actual act of OneDrive backing up the file (especially while I'm accessing it) be the issue?

Is there something else I should keep an eye out for? Or is it just an expected component of working with Storyline?

Thanks for reading and providing any insight/advice!

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