Consistent state colours

Jul 24, 2012


I've created a button and changed the colour from green to red. However, when I hover over the 'hover' state makes it green. I have copied loads of these buttons and it'd be a pain to change all the states' colours over to match the 'normal' colour, or delete all the states I don't need.

Is there any way of making all the states for a button the same colour, in one easy click? Like a format painter for colours, if you like. Or can I select all the states for a button and click on a colour to make them all the same?


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Andrew Taylor

Hi Diane,

Thanks for the swift response. The format painter is useful, but the trouble with it is that it changes the complete format of the state to the format selected, whereas I only want to change the colour quickly. Is there a way of selecting all states so I can click on the relevant colour from the palette, or format paint only the colour, rather than the rest of the formatting?


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