Constant Flickering bug on Hover State

Jul 03, 2015


I want to know if there is a known bug in SL1 when adding animation (e.g fade left ) on "hover" state. I did try to use an alternative (hotspot) but it does not support the "exit animation". Hope someone can help me. Thanks!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jorge -- Sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing. Please review this information and let me know if issues persist:

Animated object flickers when triggered by hovering over another object or hotspot

You may find that an object flickers, flashes, or repeatedly animates into the slide if all the following criteria are true:

The object has an entrance animation applied to it.

The object is configured to animate into the slide when users hover over a hotspot or another object with a hover trigger applied to it.

The revealed object partially or wholly covers the hotspot or the object with the hover trigger. Even if the revealed object is on a separate slide layer, this issue can occur when the revealed object overlaps the hotspot or the object with the hover trigger.

To avoid this behavior, use either of the following options:

Make sure the revealed object does not overlap the hotspot or the object with the hover trigger.

Remove the animation from the revealed object. It will still be displayed when hovering over the rollover area; it just won't animate.

Yan C

Please explain. All other shapes are overlapping with no signs of flashing.

Only the circle shape flashes. Why?

I did read the note above, but I don't see why it only does it to basic shapes. If It is a freeform shape no flashing occured.

I can't make a perfect circle shape out of freeform. It comes out really jagged. Any alternative?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Yan - Thank you for providing your file, and from what we are able to see, it is working as designed, as the item has no fill. So, the only part to hover over would be the outline of the shape. A workaround would be to format the shape, add a white fill, and set it to be 99% transparent. Or add the outline to the Tire image itself in the hover state.

Hope that helps! :)

Yan C

I was thinking of the outline to the tire.png but when hovering it uses the whole 'box art' of the tire, so it was not a shape of the tire (if that makes sense). It counts the whole png as the hover so even though there is nothing around the tire, the mouse is still hovering on the image file. 

The shape worked wonderful here as I can hover to the exact shape of the image. I hope that was understandable.

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